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Characterization of water quality and biological communities, Fish Creek, Teton County, Wyoming, 2007–2011: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2013–5117

Eddy-Miller, C.A., Peterson, D.A., Wheeler, J.D., Edmiston, C.S., Taylor, M.L., and Leemon, D.J., 2013

// Featured Image Fish Creek, an approximately 25-kilometer-long tributary to Snake River, is located in Teton County in western Wyoming near the town of Wilson. Fish Creek is an important water body because it is used for irrigation, fishing, and recreation and adds scenic value to the Jackson Hole properties it runs through. Public concern about nuisance growths of aquatic plants in Fish Creek has been increasing since the early 2000s. To address these concerns, the U.S. Geological Survey conducted a study in cooperation with the Teton Conservation District to characterize the hydrology, water quality, and biologic communities of Fish Creek during 2007–11.

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