Long Term Initiatives


No plan is in place to address the current degradation.
Organize concerned residents and form a non-profit.

Undefined goals.
Establish restoration goals and measurable standards.

Lack of a specific groundwater study that identifies groundwater source areas, land uses and nutrient loads.
Identify current and future sources of nutrient loading through development of a groundwater nutrient loading model.

Complex environmental, political and natural resource challenges.
Implement collaborative solutions through committed stakeholder engagement.
In progress through 2020.

Nutrient loading in the Fish Creek watershed.
Develop, implement, and monitor science-based best management proactices including education and outreach programs.
In progress through 2020.

Lack of structure of programs in place to ensure the long-term protection of the resource.
Work with Teton County and the Teton Conservation District to develop a long-term watershed protection plan.
In progress through 2020.

Once water quality improvements and protection to the Fish Creek watershed is achieved, we will retire the organization.

Initiatives in Action

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