Friends of Fish Creek

Our Mission

Friends of Fish Creek’s mission is to protect the Upper Snake River watershed by improving and restoring water quality in Fish Creek and the Westbank aquifer through science-based research, engagement of community stakeholders, and collaborative problem solving.

About Us

Friends of Fish Creek is a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing water quality problems in the Westbank aquifer and Fish Creek. Our objective is to provide leadership and elicit community support throughout the process of restoring and protecting water quality in the aquifer and the creek.

The indicators of degradation in Fish Creek that we see today can be reversed and prevented. The Westbank community, Teton County, Wyoming, and the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality have the tools and resources to preserve and restore the ecological integrity of Fish Creek.

The Fish Creek watershed should be recognized for its uniqueness, quality, and its significance as a natural and cultural resource. Everyone in Teton County, Wyoming benefits from a clean and healthy watershed that future generations can enjoy.

Board Members & Officers

  • John Culbertson – President, Director
  • Bob Peters – Vice President, Director
  • Bob Paulson – Secretary/Treasurer, Director
  • Kathryn Steele – Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
  • Ken Taylor – Director
  • Les Gibson – Director
  • Kristin Revill – Director
  • Susie McDowell – Director
  • Brad Nielson – Director
  • Larry Perlman – Director
  • Reynolds Pomeroy – Director
  • Fred Staehr – Director