This is the last place you'd expect to find impaired streams

Learn more about what Friends of Fish creek is doing in our community and find out what you can do to minimize nutrient pollution.

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Our Mission

To protect the Upper Snake River watershed by improving and restoring water quality in Fish Creek through science-based research, community involvement, volunteer leadership, cost-effective solutions, and collaborative problem solving.

Friends of Fish Creek is Taking Action with a Four Tiered Approach

Community Leadership

Empower community to implement best practices and become advocates

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Collaborative Approach

Engage major stakeholders to implement and inspire community change

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Cost Effective

Use all available studies to learn from other river communities facing similar issues

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Science Based Research

Year long sampling with peer review of all findings. Compilation of all relevant, prior studies

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  • To have something happening here that is changing the character of the stream just doesn't seem right in a community like Jackson Hole.

    - Bob Peters, Long-time West Bank Resident